Success Story #1

A medium-sized business with a showroom selling fireplaces applied to us with a request to increase their online sales. They were using only Facebook ads as their primary online selling platform, which did not yield the results they needed. In collaboration with the client, we created a Google Ads search campaign and published the ad. As a result of our preparations, it listed at the top of the Google search first page. The impact of Google Ads is powerful because it attracts hot leads and the most well-positioned ads can gain incredible exposure. Our client experienced a marked increase in interest and in sales conversions. They continue to be our loyal customer almost one year later. Our ability to create long term sales strategies is what separates us from a lot of the competition out there.

Success Story #2

A high-end burger bar approached us when they had been managing one restaurant for a period of six months, without many customers. In spite of the fact that they definitely knew how to create amazing burgers, their advertising and marketing strategy was ineffective and they were simply not reaching enough people – a pity since their burgers were amazing. They hired us to create and manage a search and display-banner campaign using Google Ads in combination with Facebook ads and a You Tube video campaign. The impact of our marketing on their behalf was explosive. Burger Bar now has three popular restaurants and has become a household name in their city.
Correctly planned ads, attractive design and video added up to phenomenal results and all on a surprising budget of less than $1000 a month. Now that’s incredible value. And that’s what we’re about, giving great value for your dollar.
In the digital community, it is a piece of art when you can produce outstanding results and high ROI on a small budget.

Success Story #3

David owned a private greenhouse and lands estate, which dealt in commercial bulk sales of plants and flowers. However, he wanted to expand into a retail sales niche after identifying that sector as an opportunity loss.
After a detailed study of their business and direction, we offered them a digital advertising strategy, which also included an ecommerce website to use as their main retail sales platform. With a planned Google Ads search campaign and integration of Google analytics, Google Ads manager code and Facebook pixel code, we are able to measure success in real time and calibrate ads based on changes in sales. David is so impressed with the results achieved that he now deals with us exclusively and on a permanent basis.

Success Story #4

This is one of our personal favorites. It’s about a group of friends that began a teenage apparel business called Sadly, they had spent several thousand dollars (almost their entire budget) on Facebook ads only to get half a dozen sales in return. It was a disappointing and exhausting experience and they felt jaded when they came to us for professional assistance. So, naturally their focus was now low-budget.
We determined what we thought would have the most immediate impact on search and sales and created a Google Ads campaign to match, whilst keeping to their budget.
The results were just amazing!! They received 78 sales in the first 24 hours after launch. That was an ROI of 352.40%. Sales actually increased during the month, which was all gravy on top.
You might think that with the above results we must be magicians and that we can perform miracles, but this is not really the case. Due to our experience and professional skills, our staff simply knows what they’re doing.
You can run ads on Facebook for sure, and you can target people who’ve shown interest in a product or service, but it doesn’t guarantee that the people who see your ad on Facebook would consider it in that moment. They weren’t looking for it, were they?
However, when a person searches Google looking for something, they are already a ‘warm lead’. They want to purchase something; they just need to decide WHO to buy from. In view of the fact that people focus mostly on the first page of a Google search, that’s where you need to be seen. Let your potential customers find you first.

Hope to see your business in our success stories soon!